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What is a Health Coach you ask? In sports, a coach is a person involved in the direction, instruction and training of the operations of a sports team or individual. A Health Coach provides the same service- Together we discuss goals and your Health Coach develops a road map to achievement. Goals may be: lifestyle focused like reversing metabolic disorder, longevity, growing old with grace, healing the gut, keeping active, preventing disease. Performance goals: Run your first race, swim, biking event....excel in your sport... Physique and aesthetic goals- compete in a fitness competition. Every ONE is unique with their own goals.

My coaching combines my expertise in fitness, nutrition, and recovery with ​meaningful goal creation, habit formation,and lifestyle modification. Personal Trainer Christine

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125' Down!

Actual Results

in 12 weeks!

Shelby..5 weeks of Personal

Training w/ Nutritional Coaching!

Kristen 8 week Wedding Prep: 20' loss

Competition Training

Are you doing everything “right” and still not getting the results you want? No one should have to live in chronic pain or discomfort, with low energy, or just feeling “off”.

Your birthright is to thrive and feel AMAZING in your body. I’ve made it my life’s work to help you do just that.

If you’ve cleaned up your diet and are still struggling, I can help you get to the root of what’s going on. With a combination of testing, a detailed exploration of your health history, and a lot of detective work, I’ll help you come up with a custom plan to restore your health and well being. Client "T" using the KETO genic Diet approach with works well for her lifestyle and body type.

Meet Bree (40 yrs old)! She started her journey to the NPC stage at 162LBS.. Per Dexafit scan she registered at 21% Body fat. Using a carb cycling approach we took the next 20 weeks to prep. Bree took the Dexafit scan again at the end and registered at 16.2%BF - She also GAINED 2lbs of LEAN mass while LOSING Body Fat!! She took the stage at 138lbs and placed in her division. Total of 24lbs down!!

Meet Megan..a competitive marathon runner who, due to a foot injury, had to break from her training. Our Health Coaching goals were to provide Megan with an outlet for her energy, set goals, minimize impact and stress to her injury...What better that a Fitness Competition! With a classic "Marathon" runners physic Megan trained for 90 days to enter her first NPC show. On a VEGAN (whole food plant based) diet approach we added weight and muscle mass to Megan's small frame. She placed 3rd in her bikini category! Way to go Megan!!

Meet Kristen...Operation "Wedding Prep" 8 weeks Health Coaching Program. Kristen was only eating 800-1100 calories per day and not able to lose! Bumped her calories up SIGNIFICANTLY. She practices a "IIFYM" (If It Fits Your Macros) and an Intermittent Fasting approach of carb cycling and worked out 6-7 days per week (remember this is a wedding prep!:) On a 5'3 frame she dropped a total of 20lbs- 6" off her chest, 2.5" from the waist, 3" off the naval, 2" off the hips, 1" off the thigh and .5 off the calf. All in 8 Weeks!! She is a mother of 2, works a full time job...Way to to Kristen!!!!______________________________________________________________

"Kristen: I started this journey on June 1st to get in the best shape i could by August 1st! I started at 143lbs and finished at 123.4lbs 20lbs gone! Thanks to Christine Foreman for teaching me the knowledge i will always have now with me to do this the correct healthy way and all the support from my fiancé Anthony Ritz who also did this with me and transformed himself also, family and friends. I am addicted and have never felt better!! It was a lot of work but worth every bead of sweat i put into it!! Oh and Kathy Guseman Creighton who saw me breakdown, listened to me complain about having to eat so much (something i wasn’t used to doing) and being my right hand lady through all of this!"

Meet Danielle.. Mother of 2 wanted to "experience" a competition prep to gain knowledge to better help her clients and to train others who dream of hitting a Fitness Competition Stage. Took a Low Carb approach to her diet which works GREAT for her body. She started Prep at 139.5 and walked on Stage at 123.8. Total of 15.6lbs down. 1.5" off her waist, 2" off both her waist and naval, and 3" off her thigh! She placed in her division! Never starved her calories started on prep at 1700 and ended at 1300!